When do you ship?

Everything is shipped as a dormant bare root plant in March or April based on your preferred shipping week that you will select at checkout.

What size are the plants?

The sizes vary based on the variety but are listed in the description of each plant.
Fruit trees are topped/pruned to 5ft including the roots. This allows for a more successful transplant because the disturbed roots aren’t having to feed a huge canopy of leaves before they have had time to establish themselves.

Are the fruit trees pruned?

Yes fruit trees are pruned to 4-4.5ft above the ground to increase the chance of a successful transplant and to keep the shipping costs reasonable.

Why is shipping so expensive?

1. The boxes exceed the dimensions of “standard boxes” and USPS and UPS charge extra fees.
2. USPS and UPS have increased shipping cost in 2022 to offset rising fuel and labor costs.

Why do you only sell bare root trees.

1. Bare root are lighter and can be grouped together in a single box to reduce the shipping costs seen by the customer.
2. Bare root are shipped while dormant and don’t experience the transplant shock of potted plants in warmer parts of the year.
3. Shipping soil around the country spreads pests and diseases.