Refund and Return Policy

Our 365-Day Plant Guarantee: We ensure that our plants are delivered to you alive and healthy. If your plant does not survive its first year, you’re eligible for store credit under these conditions:

  1. Your location falls within the appropriate USDA hardiness zone for the plant variety (refer to our hardiness zone map below).
  2. You maintain the roots’ moisture and plant within three days of delivery, following the instructions in our Planting Guide.

If you’re concerned about your plant’s health, please consult our guide, How to Tell if Your Tree is Dead or Dormant. Remember, our plants are shipped in a dormant state and may leaf out at different times based on their species. To check for plant vitality, gently scratch the bark and look for a green layer underneath, indicating health.

ZoneShip Date
8b-10bMarch 4, 2024
7b-8aMarch 11, 2024
7aMarch 18, 2024
6bMarch 25, 2024
6aApril 1, 2024
5a-5bApril 15, 2024
4a-4bApril 29, 2024
1a-3bMay 6, 2024
USDA Hardiness Zone Map